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The hotel department advises on hotel sale and purchase transactions by either acting on behalf of owners, investors, and hotel chains. It also advises on contracts relating to the operation of hotels.



Design of legal structures
Contracts for the purchase
Contracts for the development of hotel projects
Financing contracts for the purchase

Hotels department

Design of Opco and Propco legal structures

for the holding and operation of hotel assets.

M&A contracts for the purchase of assets and/or companies,

owning hotel assets, including acquisition in insolvency situations.

Contracts for the development of hotel projects:

advice relating to the verification of the compatibility of the urban planning regulations and the targeted properties. Advice relating to turnkey construction contracts, sustainable construction seals and certifications, and advice relating to hotel equipment supply contracts.

Financing contracts for the purchase or management of hotels

lending arrangements either via loans or leasing, project and developer guarantees and securities. Advice relating to the implementation of the financial models ( prepared in Usali accounting), into the contractual financial documentation.

Contracts for energy efficiency

geothermal energy, solar panels, and electricity vehicle chargers available at hotels.

Advice relating to the following hotel contracts:
  • LAU hotel property lease contracts or industrial lease contracts with fixed and variable remuneration clauses, including the assignment/lease of the production unit, ie the hotel licenses and staff.
  • Management contracts with hotel operators including white label operators.
  • Franchise contracts with national and international operators.
  • Hybrid management and franchise contracts for white label operators.
  • Affiliation contracts with operators.
  • Outsourcing contracts with companies providing marketing and sales services in the networks (Pms, Channel Managers and Rates shoppers).
  • Outsourcing contracts for the F&B area, subcontracting with third parties. Contracts for the establishment of Dark Kitchens in hotels.
  • Outsourcing contracts for the provision of cleaning and other services.
  • Outsourcing contracts for the maintenance of facilities.